Naoya Takeishi
(武石 直也)

機械学習などをやっています。西スイス応用科学大学 機械学習グループ 研究員、理研AIP 客員研究員。

Naoya Takeishi is a researcher working at the Data Mining and Machine Learning Group of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO), Geneva. He is also a visiting scientist at the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP), Japan. He is interested in effective integration of domain knowledge into statistical machine learning and also in data-driven analysis of dynamical systems.

Research Interests

Knowledge-augmented machine learning.  Effective integration of domain-specific prior knowledge / inductive bias (e.g., physical relations, simulators, logical rules, and side information) into statistical machine learning.

Data-driven analysis of dynamical systems.  Analysis of dynamical systems based on data-driven methods, such as dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) and its variants.

Anomaly detection.  Application of anomaly detection techniques based on machine learning to engineering systems, such as artificial satellites, vehicles, and power plants. Methodology for explanation of anomaly detection.

Visual SLAM in space.  Simultaneous estimation of the shape and motion of a target celestial body (e.g., asteroid) as well as the position and attitude of a spacecraft.


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